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Pricing Business Tools is the most cost effective dispatching platform available. Choose between two flexible options:
  • Business Account with Terms
  • Standard Online Purchases
Business Accounts with Terms require a 2000 minimum monthly call volume.

Call us at 425-894-3269 to set up a Business Account.

Online Purchases

For smaller volumes or for partial implementations, get started for as low as $4.99! Additional packages up to $99.99 are available.

Simply pay as you go!
  • No Time Limit!
  • No Contracts!
  • No Expiration!

Dispatch Smarter, Dispatch Faster Business Tools is a full featured dispatching platform specifically designed to increase your productivity AND bring the road service companies you work with closer to you. Saving time increases productivity and up-to-date information increases customer satisfaction.

Higher productivity and higher customer satisfaction leads to increased profitability, and Business Tools can help you achieve both!

Dispatch Smarter

How do you dispatch work to your service providers? Phone, fax, email, proprietary and closed computer systems? These methods hamper productivity and are prone to communication and dictation errors. How do you track all of these calls, and is your call tracking system synchronized with those actually doing the work?

With Business Tools you can:
  • Have your dispatchers enter call information once and have the dispatch call sent directly to the road service provider/tow company
    • Eliminate communication errors and dictation errors
    • Reduce the time it takes to send calls to your road service providers
  • Manage ALL of your calls on a single dispatch screen
  • See updates on YOUR dispatch call screen as they happen
    • When a road service provider updates a call, you automatically see the update on YOUR dispatch call screen!
Increase productivity when you and your providers are on the same system.

Don’t work harder, work smarter with Business Tools

Dispatch Faster

How many phone calls do you have to make before your work request is accepted? How long do you spend on the phone or radio relaying contact, pickup and drop information? How much time do your employees spend collecting real-time status information from the drivers in the field – if they are even doing it at all?

With Business Tools you can:
  • Get dispatch calls to your road service providers with a single click of a button
    • Reduce time on the phone and the number of faxes and emails you send
  • Use a system that allows you to see real-time updates as they happen
  • Track dispatch call accept/reject, allowing you to re-route work more efficiently
  • See ETA times as they are entered by the road service provider
    • No more constant phone calls asking for an ETA
Is your competition using an automated dispatch platform? Don’t get left behind, increase your employee’s productivity and your company’s competitiveness with Business Tools today!

Call at 425-894-3269 and we'll get your business started today!

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